Nail Collaborations Movie Edition!

 One of the things I enjoy the most is taking part in Nail Collaborations! Below are some of my favorites.

 Our first collaboration was our favorite Disney movie. I finally decided on Alice in Wonderland after dabbling with the idea of Beauty and the Beast. Below is a nail I created for that set.  

 Our next theme was comedy and I had to do a Kevin Hart movie! I love him and he never fails to disappoint! I chose Get Hard.  

 This set pushed me to try lettering, which I am scared to death of! I think it came out pretty good!  Gangster movies came next and this time I chose Casino! Great film and iconic old Vegas strip backdrops! I used my new airbrush on this set and loved it! (Note…make sure to use in well ventilated area, if you try one).  

 Sci-Fi was the next theme and had to do Doctor Who! I know, I know, not technically a movie but the group gave me a pass, as I LOVE the Doctor!  

 Matt Smith is my favorite Doctor! Who is yours?  Shawn of the Dead was my pick for favorite British Movie. I love Simon Pegg and it was hard for me to pick just one movie but I am super happy with the result! 

 Can you believe Harry Potter came out in the early 2000s?! I couldn’t make up my mind on which movie to do for turn of the century movie, I mean, think of all the amazing films that came out in late 1999, early 2000s! 

 I feel like these were my favorite to date! The castle and the lettering took me ages but worth all the time!  Our most recent theme was summer romance. I pushed the envelope a bit, since The Lost City is a summer, action/romance movie. I laughed so hard watching it! 

 Those are all the collaborations so far. Keep an eye out for more to come and let me know which is your favorite! Te

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