Where it all started!

Hi, Te here! I get asked all the time, how did you get into nails? So I thought it was time to chronicle my journey.

Covid changed so many things and touched everyone lives. Thankfully my loved ones have remained healthy and safe. I started working from home full time the 1st week of April 2020. I was thankful my job was so amazing and took great care of us.

I was always an every two weeks kind of gal when it came to my nails. First appointment every other Saturday, rain or shine! I had just gotten a brand new set of nail put on a week before lock down and I like most, thought I would be able to get them done before too long. We kept hearing soon...soon....soon.

By the time May 2020 came around my nails were barely holding on. I decided to try to do a fill on my own nails. How hard could it be? LOL! So I pulled out my trusty iphone and ordered my 1st basic acrylic nail kit. I wish I could say that I was a natural, but that would be a lie! Below are some of early attempts.

I am pretty sure my cuticle hated me! SMH!

These were so thick not to mention how is this in any way cohesive! More is more is my motto!

The first set I did on Missy that took 4 hrs and had soooo much going on! She was such a good sport and would let me do her nails for hours!

After lots of practice on myself and my best friend and partner in Mis Te , Missy, I feel like I found something I am not only good at, but gives me so much joy. It is a journey I am still on and there is no end in site. I am living my PASSION!

Where I am now.


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